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By  Sec. Manny Piñol

Sec. Manny Pinol…Calling me out in the audience, President Duterte said the Agriculture Department should work closely with the National Commission on the Indigenous People and other agencies to transform the vast tribal lands into food production areas.

In response to the call of Pres. Duterte, I will task the Undersecretary for Special Concerns, Ranibai Dilangalen, to form a team exclusively tasked to prepare a master plan for the development of the Ancestral Lands into food production areas.   Read more

Source: MannyPiñol FB Page

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Government to extend P100 million aid to Mindanao tribal communities

Indigenous PeopleDAVAO CITY — President Rodrigo Duterte will release P100 million to tribal communities in Mindanao for livelihood program and agricultural development as well as to counter the influence of communist insurgents.

Speaking before the leaders of tribal communities in Davao City on Thursday, February 1, President Duterte vowed to facilitate the entry of investors and government assistance to tribal areas for them to develop and secure sustainable livelihood.

“Mag-release ako ng 100 million, temporary, pangtawid ninyo sa normalcy. ‘Yun ang gamitin ninyo,” he said. Read more

Source: PCOO

DU30 to UP Students “walking out” of their classes to join protests that he would give their slots to deserving lumads.

DU30 President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday warned students of the University of the Philippines who keep on “walking out” of their classes to join protests that he would give their slots to deserving lumads.

“Kaning UP sige ug walk out, ganiha ga-walk out. O sige. Kamong dili mang-eskwela, hawa mo dira kay dad-on nako ang mga natibong bright ngare, mao akong ipabutang diha. Daghang Pilipino gusto edukasyon nga gwapo,” Continue reading

Tagabawa – Bible: An Android Apps for Tagabawa Tribe


As I browse the internet, looking for an article abour Tagabawa tribes, I found a link which  leads me to this link (Tagabawa – Bible – Android Apps on Google Play


KAGI KA MANAMA The New Testament in Tagabawa of the Philippines. Alternative language names:Tagabawa Bagobo, Tagabawa Manobo [ISO 639-3: bgs] Published: 2004, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.),  I immediately shared it to my Facebook friends though FB Messenger,  for them to share the said Apps  to their fellow ICCs/IPs friends.

I installed the apps, and tried to search and read the bible, WOOW,  its amazing,  it is a big help for me as ICCs/IPs to have such apps so that i can teach my wife who is Bisaya, my son , and daughter how to speak our dialect.

Thank you Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc., Orlando, FL 35862-8200 USA (www.Wycliffe.org) for developing this apps for us Tagabawa/Bagogo.